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АМА c Аморе Сечет ведущим разработчиком Bitcoin ABC. There have been a few news articles where reporters tried to live for a day an entire TV episode is coming out on that same topic. Nothing has changed: IOTA is still the only scalable ledger. Started to learn about Bitcoin 6 years ago tried to absorb as much as possible; Senior product engineer lead architect in ad tech; Advised investors on feasibility of blockchain projects; Helped with the. Reddit bitcoin ama. Fortune 11 янв. Gox CEO, Former Colleague Ashley Barr Holds. Reddit bitcoin ama. Can anyone do it. Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are. Scaling Debate in Reddit AMA. IAMA Bitcoin Millionaire ask me anything.
He seemed reasonably open taking care to mention several times that his team wants to move carefully , thoughtful about the bitcoin space not go so fast that we fail to see. AMA Ask Me Anything The Bitcoin Forum This is the place to ask Bitcoin CEOs industry leaders anything you want to know about Bitcoin their involvement.

Reddit is a growing platform which provides an extraordinary opportunity for politicians create more meaningful connections with their constituency. 1 hour until theQtum AMA on reddit BitcoinBlockchainFintech Spaven, E The 12 Best Answers from Gavin Andresen s Reddit AMA. Bill Gates Reddit AMA verification photos are hilarious Business Insider 2 июн.
На этой неделе ведущий разработчик Bitcoin ABC Аморие Сечет, участвовал в обсуждении Reddit Ask Me AnythingAMA) о будущем Bitcoin Cash о проблемах масштабирования протокола. Reddit s bitcoin community can be a tough unruly bunch they aren t known for deference to authority. How much did you buy and when.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Reddit AMA earlier this week. I was sifting through my things in storage.

In their AMA, they cover how being. This was a bold but strategically astute move.

Submit to reddit. See what people are saying and join the conversation. Here s your chance. From david on reddit iota AMA There is little doubt that the report was not neutral, the founder we forced them to disclose their interest which show this clearly.

Former UFC welterweight title challenger current Bellator contender Rory MacDonald didn t hold back during today s Reddit AMA I LIKE SPENDING TIME WITH MY DAUGHTER, INVESTMENTS, THE BIBLE BITCOIN I WOULD TELL MYSELF TO KEEP IT. Julian Assange in a still from the Reddit AMA livestream. 1 августа Аморе Сечет известный. AMA Request] A Bitcoin Millionaire IAmA Reddit 1 дек.

Actually no one of those sent me the AMA request to which i responded to however from what I ve seen money definitely changes people if most of my friends found out I was a millionaire at my age I would definitely be bombardedwas already bombarded the first time I. Here is the list of things that were revealed during the Q A session on Reddit. Spaven сайт CoinDesk 21 октября г.

The Winklevoss Twins: Reddit AMA YouTube 18 нояб. Liam Gallagher s Reddit AMA was everything we hoped for and more 1 сент. Black Hat hacker claims he can make15k to20k an hour 8 сент. Wendy s has one of the wittiest social media teams out there they re willing to answer Reddit s personal questions.

Join the largest trading investing community on the planet. Com will bitcoin scalab ility debate ever end.

Hi everyone, BTCC s chief executive officer Bobby Lee will hold an AMA in this subreddit on: 1. AMA REQUEST] Successful bitcoin miner IAmA Reddit 1. How Will We Know It s Really Trump Doing His Reddit AMA Today.

Per Reddit custom Assange announced the thread early so that questions. Donald Trump is doing a Reddit AMA today at 9 00AM AEST7 00PM ET.

He divulged secrets about all of his upcoming projects including the Bill , Ted 3 rumors waxed. Reddit bitcoin ama. The arrest on Saturday of Mark Karpeles the former CEO of failed Bitcoin exchange MtGox did not come as a surprise to those familiar with the. Or, why did Microsoft kill off the Kin so quickly.
Bitcoin ABC Lead Developer Answers Questions in Reddit AMA See Tweets aboutreddit on Twitter. This is my second AMAthe.

Bill Gates' latest Reddit AMA is unintentionally hilarious AOL Finance 18 июл. The AMA took place in Bitcoin s embattled original subreddit where the moderator Theymos has tirelessly censored alt coin posts in an attempt to.

Ask Me Anything, Answer Nothing: Kevin Rose s AMA On Reddit. But only one of them was present for this AMA earlier this year. If so, what are you doing.

Software from Usenet install it in the offices at friends pretty often ” Skynet s operator explained using a throwaway account for his Reddit AMA. 10 of the best business related Reddit AMAs. The 9 Best Answers From Bill Gates' RedditAMA' A Plus 28 февр. Julian Assange s Reddit AMA is a classic internet trainwreck Yahoo 15 янв.

So I thought Bitcoin would be the right choice since the scammer can t just reclaim their money after I gave them the card codes. Coinbase Reddit AMA: Inside Job Poses Biggest Security Risk XBT. The AMA was supposed to revolve primarily around the Kickstarter funded Marina Abramovic Institute in. Q: Hey man, what made you want to accept Bitcoin payment for your new album.

The future of bitcoin in China; 2. Android O Team s Reddit AMA: 7 Things We Learnt.

Reddit bitcoin ama. IamA High School drop out that had a million dollar bet with his. Ah, the Winklevi. Best day of my life.
Reddit users can now use the site s bitcointip bot to offer a financial thumbs up to fellow redditors on any subreddit. Robert Pattinson s Reddit AMA was a rollercoaster of emotions.

Financial Cryptography and Data Security: FC International. Reddit CEO Steve Huffman: How I Work Wall Street Journal 13 нояб.

Reddit user LAngeDuFoyeur posed the top rated question for Tuesday s session asking Cillizza if he wasdamaging" public discourse in America Hi Chris . Accessed Scalability debate ever end. Reddit bitcoin ama.

Reddit bitcoin ama. Reddit adds suicide prevention hotline links to Robin Williams' AMA. Julian Assange faces questions on links to Russia from Reddit users.

News articles that do not contain the wordBitcoin" are usually off topic. The AMA takes place today 12 March at 7pm GMT.

James Corbett s Reddit AMARound 2) The Corbett Report 6 февр. The Age of Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and Digital Money Are. 3 Q: Please describe from your view how is the mood amongChinese) miners regarding Core Bitcoin Unlimted developers client.

Com and world s first investor in. John Cusack s Reddit AMA on Freedom of the Press Foundation. Related Link: What The World s Richest Person Thinks Of Bitcoin.

The actress detailed horrificphysical sexual mental abuse" that she claimed happened within the organization. Bill Gates Talks AI, Universal Income This Is Us' On Reddit AMA.

He then went on to read out Bitcoin block number447506 which was produced on January 10 the day of the AMA at 3. I appeared on reddit s r conspiracy” subreddit today for anAsk Me Anything AMA) question and answer thread. This was done in protest of the recent firing of Victoria Taylor, an administrator who helped organize. Bitcoin, etc 11 авг.

In a Reddit AmA DDoS attacks on the internet. TheTop Gun' actor who previously denied having cancer opened up about his health during an online interview recently. Bitcoin has 15 core developers as of today. Reddit bitcoin ama.
Technology is what s. Reddit bitcoin ama. AMA Request] Someone who has become a millionaire from mining.

A virtual online press conference is exactly the kind of thing the attention hungry Wikileaker craves but today things aren t going to plan for him. I found my old computer.
What did you originally buy it for. The SpaceX founder described mining robots and the Interplanetary Transport System that will carry people to Mars.

Chance the Rapper Reveals Childish Gambino Mixtape in Reddit AMA 20 июл. 09 million in Bitcoin other smaller holdings in altcoins like Litecoin Ethereum. The Chainsmokers opened up in a no limits Reddit AMA Thursday hitting fans with a double dose of truth by answering questions both on the online forum in a Facebook live video interview.
10 Highlights From The Chainsmokers' Reddit AMA. In response to the order issued 1 April Reddit supporters initiated a surge in bitcoin donations to Edward Snowden s defence fund.
I m Roger Ver, CEO of Bitcoin. Channing Tatum Reddit AMA: Magic Mike XXL Star Answers.

Com viabtc ceo sparks bitcoin sca ling debate reddit ama. B Bitcoin Needs to Scale by a Factor of 1000 to Compete with Visa. I thought I might have part of a bitcoin or two on there as I ve been an avid bitcoin evangelist. A distributed worldwide decentralized digital money.

Reddit adds suicide prevention hotline links to Robin Williams' AMA 7 авг. What do you think.
Reddit AMA with Defector Sang hyun Liberty in North Korea 28 июл. In a video instead of holding up a newspaper, read out a bitcoin block hash, WikiLeaks' founder, as is common, during a Reddit AMAAsk Me Anything) session on 10 January according to reports. On February 19 LiNK Movements. Here s How to Do It газета The Washington Post 12 ноября г.

BTCpedia April 21 . I am doing a Reddit AMA. Ostensibly it was to talk about Bitcoin an areas in which they invest.

Elon Musk drops Harry Potter jokes in a Reddit AMA about SpaceX 21 февр. MarketersGuideToReddit.

Julian Assange says rumours he was dead were a plot to close. Gates Reddit AMA: Next gen Condoms Bitcoin, NSA His New Role At. Google s Android team held a Reddit AMA session to answer user queries about the platform as it usually happens we got to learn a lot of things about the upcoming Android version 8.
New York Superintendent of Financial Services Ben Lawsky took to Reddit today to do an hour longAsk Me Anything. Com bitcoin 51 attack.

I m here talk to about Freedom of the Press. Politician s Guide to Reddit. Photograph via Reddit. Reddit is often criticised as a hotbed of bullying abuse but, for this small but incredibly sensitive gesture they deserve applause for today at least.

An anonymous male prostitute from the US started a thread on Reddit which saw him share the secrets of his trade including what type of clients he gets how much he charges an hour. Coinbase Reddit AMA: Inside Job Poses Biggest Security Risk. Published 6 months ago by Antonio Madeira.

Below we round up a few highlights from the AMA so read on to find out what Livermore Computing representatives think about AI, how they are preparing for the. Bill Gates did his fifth Reddit AMA on Monday it was surprisingly revealing assuming you care much about how he feels about hot dogs. ViaBTC Reddit AMA Q A.

Reddit News Cointelegraph After the hearings, Lawsky took to Reddit to conduct one of that social forum s AMAAsk Me Anything) sessions. Bitcoin Bitcoin Investment News bitcoin bitcoin investors bitcoin price Reddit. Summary: MDMA assisted psychotherapy study participant veteran Tony Macie answered questions from the public during anAsk Me Anything" session on Reddit highlighting his experience overcoming posttraumatic stress disorderPTSD) in one of MAPS' clinical trials I m doing this AMA to.
Com 12 answers gavin andresen reddit ama Prashar Should I Be Worried. The two twins gained notoriety for claiming that Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea in creating Facebook and won a settlement. How much have you made.
Bitcoin growth, Skype reddit asks Taavet anything TransferWise Lee T. A: Stay with times. I took the lower cash value bitcoin deal because I believed it was the next big thing an official buyout would ve been very difficult for someone under 18 it was good tax.
Reddit bitcoin ama. First Take on Ben Lawsky s Reddit AMA. The post Highschool Dropout.

Accessed Scaling debate in Reddit. Keanu Reeves did a Reddit AMAtoday in fact, sincerity, answering virtually every single absurd question with kindness , thereby backing up the rumor that he is one of the nicest actors in Hollywood.

The case against Shinichi Mochizuki as bitcoin sdance away genius. You can read through all the questions and answers here: reddit. High school dropout Erik Finman, Bitcoin millionaire has hosted a Reddit AMA to shed. That figure gets thrown around mainly to drive home the point of how great an investment everyone missed out on, but who actually.

Livermore Computing, Reddit Asked Them Anything HPCwire True leaders are always looking for new technologies that help them connect with their audience. He broke the ice by. So opened up a command prompt and. Reddit AMA with male prostitute reveals what job is like. CNN editor Chris Cillizza s Reddit AMA goes about as well as you. The investor offered either100 000 which had dropped in value at that time to a little more than200 a coin.

Great questions were asked and we had a lot of fun. CoinDesk October 21 . In a Reddit AMA held this week, the Coinbase security divulged more information in the wake of a tweet made by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong to clear up confusion in the Bitcoin industry A pprox40k USD of ETC was replay attacked against us that we ve since fully recovered for our customers ”.
Web inventor Berners Lee to answer your questions in Reddit AMA. Com r conspiracy comments 5pzum9 iama james corbett of corbettreportcom ama.

On Reddit today Hey, it s John Cusack. Reddit now enables sitewide bitcoin tipping CoinDesk 26 февр.
Bill Gates is currently doing an AMAAsk Me Anything) on Reddit which as the name. Reddit is the internet s New Jersey: Dense well populated, poorly regarded, toxic waste , run around the border with bad smells filled with some.
Раздел AMA посетил экономист эксперт по экономике видеоигр виртуальной валюте Bitcoin Эдвард КастроноваEdward Castronova. Follow market experts get opinions be heard.

Reddit bitcoin ama. This guide will help any politician find their audience on reddit, engage them. Usually AMAs feature famous . How long did you.

Seriously, we ll wait. Plus, they answer the all important question: how much money could Sequoia make mining bitcoinshypothetically.

The primary use case for Bitreserve at this time first , foremost is giving bitcoin holders the ability to escape bitcoin volatility. Everyone is invited to take part in an Reddit AMA session with æternity s new lead engineer. Related MSFT I can relate to Richard ” Gates wrote during his Monday Reddit Ask Me AnythingAMA) session Silicon Valley captures a lot of how.
He trades those coins among a few. Com r btc comments 5ddiqw im haipo yang founder and ceo of viabtc ask me.

For the uninitiated, the. I m curious if there s anyone here whose gottenREALLY* rich thanks to Bitcoin. The researcher describes Skynet as aTor powered Trojan with DDoS Bitcoin mining banking capabilities” that is currently distributing itself on.

I often feel that they portray the experience not quite right often run into many problems due to being new inexperienced with it. However this to us is a trivial matter that has already been resolved disclosed over a month ago. Org co hosted a RedditAsk Me Anything AMA, providing a platform for a recent defector from North Korea to respond in real time to various questions posted on a thread by Reddit usersthrough an interpreter. Did it take the place of your job.

One early adopter has given1 mln to the Internet Archive nonprofit, aims to donate86 mln worth of Bitcoin in total. Reddit AMA Lyrics: Q: How much can you bench press.

Reddit s Non Toxic Actually Useful Sometimes Weird Subreddits: A List 28 июл. How does it work in simple terms. After the arrest Ashley Barr, apparently took to Reddit to add to the canon of Karpeles lore describing what it was like to work with the Rory MacDonald s all caps Reddit AMA included a Robbie Lawler.

Tor Powered Botnet Linked to Malware Coder s AMA on Reddit. Ever wonder who made the call to not pursue the Courier. Com r IAmA comments 3nu7gj. Reddit Wikipedia On July 2 in an event dubbedAMAgeddon " a portmanteau of AMA ask me anything ) , Reddit began experiencing a series of blackouts as moderators set popular subreddit communities to private Armageddon.

Лучшее на Reddit: Развлечения и традиции TJ 11 сент. 16 Things We Learned From Marina Abramovic s Reddit AMA. I used to be self employed doing IT consulting. AMA] Bobby Lee AMA on Wednesday November 1st at 7 00 PM PDT2. Reddit hashtag on Twitter 10 окт.
Julian Assange used Bitcoin, not to make a financial transaction but to provide evidence that he is alive. Highschool Dropout and Bitcoin Millionaire Hosts Reddit AMA. How to market a Bitcoin startup related AMA Session on Reddit. How easy was it to turn that wealth into real.

Elon Musk sheds more light on Mars colonization during Reddit AMA Esfandiari got proceedings underway by starting his thread entitledI am Antoniothe Magician” Esfandiari I ve won26 million playing poker. Он имеет степень кандидата экономических наук проработал над анализом социальных программэкономикой в сфере вирутальной реальности) .

You may not have heard of blockchain technology but you re likely familiar with Bitcoin the now wildly successful cryptocurrency. Bill Gates Fesses Up on Reddit to His OneExpensive Guilty Pleasure. Julian Assange GETTY.

Elon Musk Reddit AMA reveals how humans will get to Mars. 50 Cent Reddit AMA Lyrics. In the years following the Facebook hoopla the Winklevoss twins have become entrepreneurs , venture capitalists, most recently focusing their attention on the world of bitcoin If aren t familiar with bitcoin go check out Reddit s bitcoin community. Performance art giant Marina Abramovic made an appearance on Reddit s Ask Me Anything today the evolution of art, in which she answered questions about her work her contemporaries.

Bobby Lee Divides Reddit AMA as Talk Centers on SegWit2x. Antonio Esfandiari Reddit AMA Highlights PokerTube 25 янв. 6 дней назад Unhingedcitizen journalist” Mike Cernovich decided he wanted to get viciously roasted online Reddit was happy to make it happen. We feel that volatile money isn tmoney” by. Get more trading ideas from depinz. AMA request: someone whoactually* invested1000 in Bitcoin in. WHEN the head honcho of Nissan decided to offer himself on Reddit, you can bet he didn t expect this kind of backlash.

What is your outlook. AMA of course, stands for Ask Me Anything people are already filling up the.
We purposefully timed this to take place shortly after. WIRED UK 31 авг. Have you sold off any BTC thus far.

Lawsky fared pretty well in that forum. Answer Time: Tumblr launches its own Q A platform to take on Reddit. Home of free open bitcoin discussion, bitcoin news exclusive AMAAsk Me Anything) interviews from top bitcoin industry leaders. Possible posers already posted on Reddit include questions asking for Berners Lee s thoughts on governments undermining the openness his thoughts on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, privacy of the Internet whether a patent on the Web in the. Donald Trump held a Reddit AMA last night possibly because he wanted to make sure he could still be in the news a little bit during the Democratic National Convention but it didn t go down like a typical AMA which stands forAsk Me Anything” if you re new here. Nissan s Reddit AMA: Did CEO manipulate questions. My 5 Questions * 1.

A few Reddit users weigh in whether it makes better sense for Chinese to sell their property and invest in Bitcoin instead. Courage team members participate in Reddit AMA. The 45 year old read from the online currency bitcoin blockchain to prove that the video had not been. After Arrest of Mt.

A: The most was 405 but i started looking like the security lol i had to slim down Q: What was your. AMA] I have been living almost exclusively on BTC for almost two.

NEO s Reddit AMA Top 10 Questions and Answers. I checked my bitcoin wallet every day and a few days later I checked reddit again only to find. Mike Cernovich s AMA Went About As Well As You d Expect NYMag 11 авг.

This subreddit is not about general financial. Erik Finman was recently featured in a CNBC story in which he described the journey through the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency world which lead him to acquire over1. Liam Gallagher fielded all sorts of questions from fans on a reddit AMA. How a scammer stole 500$ from me and in the end begged me not to.

Maybe looking for someone who can tell you whether the post PC era is really a thing. Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy Результат из Google Книги 12 сент. ViaBTC Reddit AMA Q A ViaBTC Medium 1 авг. Qtum BitcoinBITTREX QTUMBTC. Wendy s Spent A Whole Reddit AMA Roasting Their Competition Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss talk bitcoin. Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet.
You may may not have heard that the founderDA Hongfei dahongfei on reddit) core developerErik Zhang erikzhang on reddit) of Neoformally known as Antshares) were doing anAsk Me. Proof of existence website.

Submitted 15 days ago by newzbinrss. Earlier today, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange decided to hold an AMA on Reddit. Vitalik Buterin AMAASK ME ANYTHING) Blockgeeks 30 июл. Billboard 19 дек. Deadspin s resident stain remover Jolie Kerr says it slovely wonderful not one single time. Reddit bitcoin ama. Highschool Dropout and Bitcoin Millionaire Hosts Reddit AMA bitcoinist. The AMA followed President Obama s latest Executive Order which authorises sanctions againstcyber enabled activities' , which journalists supporters worry. Genius Lyrics 27 февр.

Bill Gates uses his Reddit AMA sessions to show off his sense of humor. In order to successfully launder money throw4way1945 says that he only accepts BitCoin LiteCoin. They noted how many Bitcoin users have trouble storing their bitcoin securely. Musk fielded questions on how we will get to Mars the technology that will be required as well as other aspects of living on the planet.

The head of a Chinese mining pool backing an alternative bitcoin implementation completed a Reddit AMA earlier today. Any Bitcoin millionaires here on reddit. Finman took the opportunity to conduct a Reddit AMA,. His Reddit AMA Tuesday only highlighted the misgivings CNN readers and viewers have had with the journalist s style.

Donald Trump s Reddit AMA went exactly as planned, but it didn t have. Keanu Reeves Channels Ted is his Reddit AMA Esquire 28 нояб. Today the lead developer of Bitcoin ABC, Amaury Séchet participated in a Reddit AMA session where he answered questions about Bitcoin CashBCC. He says he sends 90 million spam mails a day.

Technology News 12 янв. In the AMA some questions about links to Russia, WikiLeaks s ethics , relationship with Fox News were either ignored given one word answers. When did you first start mining Bitcoin.

Chance the Rapper finally addressed rumors about his mixtape with Childish Gambino in a Reddit AMA. Nota Bene: Eugene Kaspersky s Official Blog Reddit CEO Steve Huffman talked to The Wall Street Journal about how he handles getting trolled on his own. Разработчик Bitcoin Cash участвовал в обсуждении Reddit Ask me.
I ama full time student and I have no job. I m not talking about gaining just a few hundred or a few. Bought at19 500 AMA Bitcoin Reddit 7 дней назад Only requests for donations to large recognized charities are allowed only if there is good reason to believe that the person accepting bitcoins on behalf of the charity is trustworthy.

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AMA Session with Sascha Hanse æternity blog 30 янв. The 9 best answers from bill gates' redditama' You re going to love what he is doing withpoop water.

Overall financial transactions will get cheaper using the work we do and Bitcoin related approaches.

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Making sure that it doesn t help terrorists is a challenge for all new technology. Leah Remini Doesn t Hold Back In Revealing Scientology Reddit AMA.

Kevin Rose began an AMA on Reddit on Tuesday evening and so far has answered zero questions.

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To be fair, he said ask me anything. He didn t promise answers.

The Best Answers From SiLLY s Reddit AMA.

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Esports News Videos Hello Reddit I m Bill Gates, co chair of the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation and Microsoft founder. Fresh from helping to choose the next CEO to run the company he co founded nearly four decades ago, Gates descended from the mountaintop to mix it up with the new media masses with.

I am Cameron Winklevoss and I love me some Bitcoin AMA. Looking at the comments further down and using some deduction, I think he suggested some kind of online stripper webcam service calledtits for bits, perhaps where users can donate bitcoin for the girls showing more flesh.

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There must be something more to it though, because that idea by itself is about. Julian Assange DEAD: Wikileaks founder forced to PROVE he s ALIVE. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk took to Reddit Sunday evening in anAsk Me Anything" session on the popular website.