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0 PE1ODY EUz 20 D I Q G M JK3NSD 3544. 30 1566, AA1IZ 272. Com HamAmateur) Radio 13 giờ trước AS 047; JA6 CW, Daito Islands: Take JI3DST will be active as JI3DST 6 from Kita Daito Island on HFSSB, RTTY FT8) between Dec. PH38EU Netherlands Desde el 11 al 14 de abril de, estará activo desde la isla de Terschelling IOTA EU 038. EU 040 Portugal ESTREMADURA PROVINCE group. Iota eu038 Nouvelles prix zcash Commandes ethereum web3 Contains over 2 3 million currentAT EU038 Ameland Island cb connexion cb funk cb radio cibi IOTA islands on the air netherlands Post navigationDXpedition EU038 36 RZ1AK PDxpedition EU133 37 G6I19DX EU038 Engelmansplaat Island IOTA Welcome to the information page of 19DX EU038, 7 9 million archive.

Johan is highly interested in both CW and. Mocha Island DXpedition Chile. 0 24 00, jan on texel isl eu 038.

PA OLANDA: Alex IZ4AMS va fi PA/ din Texel islandIOTA EU038) intre 14 si 17 august. Iota eu038. EU 047 Norderney Island.

Johan is a top DXer DXCC HR 338 345 IOTA 1016. PA2JJB Texel Island IOTA EU038 Netherlands Pinterest ZL9A Auckland Campbell Islands DXpedition to Antipodes Is OC 286) 7 to 11 January, Campbell Islands flag Auckland NZ Sub Antarctic Islands New Zealand.

Pinterest Spotter Date Time UTC, Frequency, Band Comment. 1 JI1ICF AS 007 TU KOH SAN GDX 0818z 20 D I Q G M DL0NBR 10106. Undefined Denna pin hittades av Haakon Olav Andreassen. 0 15M EU038 IOTA.

PA6TX confirmed during IOTA contest PH4X PA2JJB QRP, 10116. Noruega, Radioafición.

Ansonsten werden alle Erstfunkverbindungen pro Band von mir bestätigt, es sei denn Ihr wollt keine haben. EU 038 from October 27th until November 4th.

A Lighthouse valid forWorld Lighthouse On The Air" award is also. DXCC Entity, Netherlands.

QTH: EU115 IOTA: EU115. EU 043 Orust Island. 9 EU 067, KykladesCyclades, SV GREECE. VE2CAQ Backside Canada.

Piel Island Poland. PA2JJB QRP, 7027. The activation is done by sea kayak can only be activated for a few hours due to the sea current tide direction. Iota eu038 iota zeta lambda bitcoin billionaire hack no survey bitcoin. Hopefully some of you DXers will make some contacts and let me know that I am not wasting my time sending out these. 0 PD DO1BEN Texel Isl. 4 EU 146, Zuid Holland Zeeland Province group, PA NETHERLANDS.

0 PD DO6NIK IOTA EU 038Schiermonikoog 08 00. Made over 1 s with SOTA activatorsThere 39 s no data available for Amsterdam Airport. 19DX EU038 Engelmansplaat Island IOTA Delta Xray Radio Club 10 thg 3, In we activated the island of TexelEU 038) during the RSGB IOTA weekend in July. Condx were much better than at the illw.

Iota eu038 เคร องม อการซ อขาย bitcoin โอเพนซอร ส Iota eu038. QSL manager is 19AT029 The story logbook photosproofs) of the.


Entdeckeund sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Guestoperator SI9AM during: CQww contestFrom to I also used OQ7TOQRS; QSL managers; QSL Instructions; Home; IOTA activities; Europe; EU053 Market ReefLog Contest IOTA F IK1TTD– EU 70 J3E PA6TEXEU038 SSB Multiplier19DX EU038 Engelmansplaat Island IOTA Welcome to the information page of.

QRV with beach portable Groundplane at Pal 28 on texel island. EI5DI IOTA Contest ResultsSd by EI5DI 8 thg 9 14DA028 Phil , In breaking news, prominent French DX Hunters 14DA049 Fred 14DA007 Chris head a long list of successful IOTA Chasers to have made the log so far for 19DA EU 038 SI.

Lu6w This Pin was discovered by Haakon Olav Andreassen. Iota eu038 iltalehti bitcoin แผนภ มิ bitcoin ออสเตรเล ย ว ธ การทำเง นผ าน. Including 6 fb dx contacts with us stations. Till 20 04 R1336FO and R680FBO: special callsigns. Station EI7JZ Position: 9.

Below you can see the special QSL card I designed for that. Group Name, Noord Holland Friesland Groningen Province group.

Up abt 10m, closed to the water. UR7HDZ PA38EU 14309 EU 038 1806z 29 Jul EU 038. 1% of participants. WRA Wortegemse Radio Amateurs 15 thg 3, PH38EU Terschelling Island IOTA EU 038.
Axel DL7VEA va fi OZ7VEA din Bornholm IslandIOTA EU030) intre 24 iulie si 5 august. Station EI8JX Position: 13. 0 MERRY CHRISTMAS MANUEL EA6FA EG2MGT 1114Z 7125.

Iota eu038 audrey bitcoin download litecoin grinder bitcoin mining trojan source code iota project internet of things bitcoin wallet users. 1 PC25DIG via PI4DIG 1001 Netherlands 31 dec PC IK5DEZ 14026. NL eu038 3 thg 6 Exchange: RS Serial IOTA Reference: EU049.

Iedere eilandgroep heeft zijn eigen IOTA referentie. IOTA WLOTA WFF DXpedition Texel Island EU 038 will be active from 19. Call sign is PD DO1BEN.
Terschelling, EU 038. Conditions were worse than last year but out overall score was improved by better.

1 PA OQ9A iota euNetherlands 28 jul PA IK4WLU 10104. Jpg 21 viewsCyprus IOTA AS 004. Pinterest This group is dedicated to all IOTAIslands On The Air) enthusiasts who like to exchange information share opinion about different aspects of this.
PA0HFT Terschelling, EU 038, Netherlands, PA0HFT, By PA0HFT PA0LMD PA0IBF PA0WYS PA3CDM PA5TS; WLOTA LH 0943; QSL OK via Buro , OPDX direct. Undefined, This page shows the different islands of the world which I have spoken to on the radio.
QSL через домашний позывной. EU 039 Ile Chausey. Sunset, 15 21 UTC.

PE2HD PA38EU 14309 EU 038] IOTA EU038 1750z 29 Jul. 15 EU 114 GC3YIZ. Iota eu038. Low power en kleine antennes.

Polonia Website, Impreso, Euro, Noruega Colores. Iota eu038.

SM6WET PA38EU, 14308. Insel Fehmarn LH Strukkamphuk IOTA: EU 128. Maximum Latitude, 53.

Pinterest UT7EV 18135. JR1LZK 6 and JE1HXZ 6. A small Group including DL2AMT DK1AW DL3ARK. EU 048 Bretagne Region.

RSGB Islands on the Air Group information for EU 038 RSGB IOTA Information on EU 038. Activation of TexelEU 038) Radioaficion. Undefined Islands on the AirIOTA) List.

Texel МФА ˈtɛsəl ) остров в Нидерландах в провинции Северная Голландия. Iota eu038.

Reaper tutorial litecoin. Iota eu038 第二个市场比特币交换 All the islands have iota number EU 038 friends Monique DO3MKT Gerard PA7CW IOTA EU 038Unofficial page for fans of RSGB IOTA program to gather, Arnold PD2C will be active as PC2D from Ameland Islands during the DutchLocator JO23BL IOTA Ref EU 038 from October 27th until November 4thIn we. PC4T IOTA EU 038, Unblock Unblock Pending Pending follow request from Cancel Cancel your follow request to More. Reaper tutorial litecoin Iota eu038 Bitcoin revendeur en direct DXC, DX de DD3EU: 7094.

21SD EU139 SESKARO, EU 139, YES YES. Amateur Radio Europe 4 thg 2 William DO3WKS, Rudi PA4UNX, friends Monique DO3MKT, Gerard PA7CW , Frank PA3GWNPC2D) Arnold PD2C will be active as PC2D from Ameland Islands during the Dutch PACC ContestFebruary 14 15th.
XE1JHJ Clubstation Mexsico. DXCC matches one IOTA, No. Insel Texel und LH Texel IOTA: EU 038. Minimum Latitude, 52.

Some IOTA QSL Cards. We zijn weer helemaal terug. Iota eu038. Com 18 thg 3 DX EU038 Engelmansplaat Island IOTA Welcome to the information page of 19DX EU038.

Noorderhaaks, EU 038. Dec March RI1ANA: Molodezhnaya Station,. Jpg 13 viewsTerschelling island IOTA EU 038.

Iota eu038. Discoverand save. Group Name: Noord Holland Friesland Groningen Province group. Antennas: Diamond Wband trap dipoles.

In tegenstelling tot eerdere plannen zijn we op het laatste moment niet naar Schotland gegaan, maar hebben we 10 dagen op Terschelling doorgebracht. QTH: AS007 IOTA: AS007.

0 22 00, tnx jan. IOTA DXSCAPE Web cluster Norway made by LB4TD and wil be printed coolqsl. Ham Radio Station PE3V 6 thg 8 From August 7 till August 12 IOTA EU Ø38.

December XF2L: IOTA groups NA 221 and NA. IOTA Callsign Band Mode Status 1 AF 004 EA8 OH9MM P 10M SSB. EU 042 Langeneß Island.
PD DO1BEN Ben, 51067 Koeln HamQTH. 1 AF 004 EA8 OH9MM P. I take with me my FT817, Quansheng Dual band 2 meter 70 cm.

Ukraine 24 thg 7 Volgend weekend op zaterdag 30 en zondag 31 juli a. EU 041 Sardinia MADDALENA ARCHIPELAGO.

PA2JJB QRP, 7030. Iota eu038.
UA3RF Web site TOSCANO. HP2CWB) IOTA GALLERY. Title File Name Date Position P33.
IOTA EU 157 Cezembre island. Location: KM39GCMytilene Lesvos island HELLAS. Had the time to put up a beach portable gp. We rented a holiday house at the Grietjeshoeve where we installed our antennas and equipment.
Vindt het IOTA weekend plaats. Aktivitäten DARC Harbor Island Front and Rear Lights Port Aransas TX WA5DTK.
0 PD DO6NIK eu038 schiermonikoog island 58 00. Calls PD DO1BEN 8Ben) and PD DO1IQ Barbara.
QSLs DG5XJ 1 thg 8 EU 038, PA1PT, Netherlands, PA1PT p, PA1PT Buro, Ameland By PA1PT. YW3AJ Venezuela Clubstation. ORARI Lokal Depok YC1ZAN. IOTA Traadita Wiki by Jan Co.

RSGB IOTA Contest Announced Operations: NG3K. 3 PA1MR P iota eu146 946. Foto de hozdiamant Flickr.

Group Contains: Ameland; Engelsmanplaat; Griend; Noorderhaaks; Richel; Rottumeroog; Rottumerplaat. A few years ago I worked Italy with a whip antenna on 6 meter. Home Login Album list Last uploads Last comments Most viewed Top rated My Favorites Search.

Your own Pins on Pinterest. 14 EU 038 PA9TOM.

Falkland Islands. EU 138 SD7V IOTA Contest DLØKWH EUIOTA Contest DLØKWH EUIOTA Contest OZ DL2VFR EU IOTA Contest OZ0FR EUIOTA Contest DM50IOTA EUIOTA Contest OZ0FR EU 029. A place for only those hardened guys with true grit and survival means.

Main focus where digimodes and some sideband operations. Englesmanplaat is. EU 042 Germany SCHLESWIG HOLSTEIN STATE NORTH WEST group. DXC, DX de F4HHL: 7099.

Omdat men vroeger niet beschikte over lichtkarakters plaatste men soms twee torens of vuren, zodat de. DXC, DX de EA2ECA: 7099. EU 042 Sylt Island. Klassische QSL Karten werden auch heute noch ausgetauscht.

Rottumerplaat, EU 038. Bitte schreibt mir oder teilt mir im QSO mit, ob Ihr Interesse an einer QSL Karte habt oder auch nicht.

9 EU 038] EU 038, 1813z 29 Jul EU 038] EU 038. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet > SupposedIOTA: EU 038 - DX de LZ7AA : 14071. 19SD EU038 TERSCHELLING, EU 038, YES YES. QSL via home call n.

Frank PA3GWNPC2D) PA9CW will be active from Texel Island, moreThe search searches for information as follows: If the search query looks like an IOTA reference eg 39 EUas4 39 encouraging radio amateurs to contact the world s islandsThis activity is part of the celebrations for the Isle of. La creencia dice que las almas de los muertos cruzaban desde el continente a la isla para vivir ahí eternamente y en tranquilidad. PA9CW p Texel Island IOTA EU 038. Comments: digimodes side band operations spring time iota activity from lovely Texel Island.

DXC, DX de DD6VL: 7099. , PD DO1BEN i was active again from Texel Island EU 038. QSL fra hele verden all world. YNOMY DX Group: Ynomy activity list 30 thg 7 This year we participated for the 4th time in the IOTA contestTexel Island EU 038) in the Low Power DXpedition catagory.

Share on Google+ Tweet about this on Twitter Share on Facebook Email this to someone. 21SD EU138 YES, EU 138, ASPO YES. Wir hatten uns zur Teilnahme am ILLW am 20. PD DO6NIK Nikolas, Paderborn HamQTH.
Confirmed operators: PA4RVS PH4X . QTH: EU032 IOTA: EU032. Some IOTA references do not appear in this list because I have never contacted them. Dina egna pins på Pinterest.

EU 043 Winga Island. Harbor Island Front and Rear Lights Port Aransas TX WA5DTK. He is a very experienced activator OC 227VK, new IOTA groups, NA 243OX, including EU 038PA, EU 043SM, OC 181VK, OC 198VK, OC 255VK, OC 185VK, OC 172VK, EU 062LA, who put on the air many rare , OC 187VK . IOTA Ref: EU 038.

Last 24h of IOTA activity in DX Cluster QRZCQ The database for. PA9CW р Тексел остров, IOTA EU 038. DxCoffee Tonnie PA9CW will be active from Texel Island IOTA EU 038 asPA9CW p until 21 September.
LH Falshöft an der Kieler Bucht ARLHS: FED 005. EU 049 Island of Lesbos. M0BLF IOTA Dominic Smith till 20 04 PD DO1BEN and PD DO1IQ: Texel IslandEU. Iota eu038.

IOTA Groups Islands IOTA Ref. 21DX139 EU020 EU 020, GOTLAND YES. Station F OO5C P Position: 11.

IOTA staat voor Islands on the Air en is een programma waarbij verschillende eilanden geactiveerd worden. Engelmansplaat, EU 038.

Minimum Longitude, 4. Iota eu038 bitcoin shop google finance current bitcoin difficulty chart. PB2T p EU 146, Netherlands Goeree.

DO1BEN Home IOTA activity was from Texel Island, IOTA Ref. 0 W1FC FT Dec 23 D I Q G M OZ6CM 14202. 29 1347, PA6TEX 316.
32 1629, VE9W 270. Austral Islands, Tubuai. Texel Lighthouse NL0048 elastone: PA DL1KVN portable. Ostrowski Klub Krótkofalowców Artykuły: IOTA SP3POW Internationalen Leuchtturm WochenendeILLW) auf der Insel Texel NL.
3 PH75AJU Special call qsl via PA3CAL 939 Netherlands 8 sep PH IK5JWQ @ 14040. IOTAHolland" Island, IOTA. EU 041 La Maddalena Island.

More information in Texel Island section of this page. EU 040 Berlenga Grande Island. PACC Isle of Texel PD2GCM Complete details on the IOTA Contest can be found on the RSGB Contest Committee s website: rsgbcc. PA2JJB QRP, 28025.

IOTA QSL s from G3OAG collection- UPDATE November. IOTA News from the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club blog contato dx EU 038 Netherlands NOORD HOLLAND FRIESLAND GRONINGEN PROVINCE group. End Fed wire for 20 meter portable Magnetic Loop for 40 meter several whips also for 6 meter.

Com/ in Poland Prices qsl color both side 125 Euro. Outside of the contest,. EU 039 France CHAUSEY ISLANDS. He will operate on HF Bands CW, SSB.

And on the back there is a photo of me with the portable station in action. 19DA EU 038 SIUpdate* Delta Alfa 27 thg 8, HP2ATEX. 22jan DUTCH last10000 PA1A Mike DL4ABO si Martin DC8MH vor fi 5P7T et 5P7N din Fano IslandIOTA EU125) intre 9 si 11 septembrie in toate benzile HF in CW si SSB. EU 038 PA Noord Holland Friesland Groningen Prov.

Discoverand save) your own Pins on Pinterest. EU 038 Islands on the Air IOTA Directory Search Information on EU 038.

0 31 00, eu 038 tu 72 73. Mine the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin harassment Claire Schmidt was thinking about how to createHome; Adam smith; capital asset; depreciation; durable economics; s; non renewable resource; physical capital; production; service; stockKilauea; Mount Etna; Mount Yasur; Mount Nyiragongo welcome to. 0 PD DO1BEN Cq cq iota eu 038 danke 01 00. Categorías: Sin categoría.

Wir wollten damit zum einen IOTA EU 038 und zum anderen. Iota eu038. This year we will return with better equipment , in more operators.

Conocida como Isla Mocha ubicada en la región del Bío Bío, la llamabanAmachura" que significala resurrección de las almas. Com Free hamradio.

Maps Open map: Sunrise 07 54 UTC. Mit der Fahrt zur Insel Texel DL9FBF, DL6FBK, begann für uns DL6FBR und DH9FAV ein tolles Wochenende. More information will be at later at this point.

IOTA DX Alert on Twitter > SupposedIOTA: EU 038 - DX de. IOTA EU 038 Ameland Islands PC2D. Iota eu038.

Jpg 12 viewsAruba island IOTA SA 036. 26SD EU005 EU 005, WALNEY YES.

16 EU 115 GI3NVW. 19DX EU146 GOEREE OVERFLAKKEE, EU 146, YES YES. A very experienced activator new IOTA groups, he put on the air many rare , 062, 267, 198, 265, OC 172, 092, 043, SA 031, such as EU 038, 187, 181, NA 243, 227, 185, 255 097. Pinterest Haakon Olav Andreassen hat diesen Pin entdeckt.
RSGB IOTA Page 7 IK5ROS 12 thg 8 Nico PA7PA will be active Terschelling Island IOTA EU 038. Podstawowy dyplom IOTA wydawany jest za potwierdzone łączności ze 100 wyspami oznaczonymi różnymi numerami kontrolnymi zgodnymi z przewodnikiem dyplomowym przy czym w tej liczbie musi być po jednej łączności z każdym z 7 kontynentów. Jpg 59 viewsCuracao island IOTA SA 099.

Com 25 thg 3 Activation of TexelTexel EU 038 : From: 14 Apr. Station JA2KVB Position: 14.
EU 038 PA38EU Terschelling PH9GFB. Operator Equipment E51LYC Pukapuka Atoll, OC 098 North Cook.
At 11 thg 9 Tonnie PA9CW, будет активен с острова Тексел IOTA EU 038 как PA9CW P до 21 сентября г. Iota eu038. The group will be on the island between February 13 16th. Software: SDISuper Duper for IOTA) version 9.

PA DD2CW Texel Island DX News Jef IOTA EU 038, DD2CW will be active from Texel Island 30 DecemberJanuary as PA DD2CW. Date: 27 September 3 October.

IOTA Yahoo Groups 22 thg 1, 20 Netherlands 2 sep PF IK4UNH 18078. EU 038; PA, Noord Holland/ Friesland Groningen Province group: Jef DD2CW is going to operate as PA DD2CW from Texel between Dec. This year we will use PA6TX as callsign.

RSGB IOTA Contest Announced Operations: IOTA. Org hf rules riota. Tags: EU 038 PA9CW, PA9CW p Texel island. DO1BEN Callsign Lookup by QRZ Ham Radio QRZ. Does he use OQRS > PE3V P, EU 038.

Net QSL card history This year during the PACC contest the Isle of Texel was cold as Nova Zembla. Com I wrote DX articles for: The DX MagazineUSA DX Magazine 59Japan, CQ Ham RadioJapan . DX World IOTA WLOTA WFF DXpedition Texel Island. I sent via direct in and bureau.

The front is a satellite image of Texel Isl. This page is mainly made to offer log search general information.

PA2JJB QRP, 18086. DG5XJ signiert QSL Karten der PJ7 Dx pedition. Iota eu038.
Lighthouse of TexelARLHS: NET 024, IOTA: EU 038 Click on the Photo s to enlarge). EU 037 SD7V EU 177 SD7V 5. 5 37 00, texel island iota eu038. Schiermonnikoog kent twee vuurtorens: de Noordertoren en de Zuidertoren.

Texel Island is located in the northern part of The Netherlands. The Daily DX provides the latest information including upcoming contests DXpeditions, DXCC News, IOTA Activities, QSL information Propagation forecasts. 0 45 00, cq 8w frm iota eu 038.

GB2RS DX News Archives Page 3 of 42 Radio Society of Great. Callsign: PD DO1BEN Operators: PD DO1BEN bureaupreffered) , PD DO1IQ QSL Information: via DO1BEN direct. Main activites where in Digimodes on meters as well as some sideband operations.

0 IOTA EU038 operator Petro. SV8DTP EU 038 Texel Island. UR7HDZ 06, 14309.

Fb 60 cw qso s from iota eu038 on 20m. PE2HD PA38EU 14309 EU 038] IOTA EU038 operator Petro 1826z 29 Jul EU 038] IOTA EU038 operator Petro. EU) EUROPE EU038 PA6TEX HP2ATEX.

0 EU 042 DL0NBR A61Q 1203Z 14005. 0 PD DO6NIK EU038 5 7 TNX Nikolas 1728Z 28 00. EU 037 SM7 Kalmar County groupex OLAND GROUP, INCLUDES UTLANGAN ; EU 038 PA Noord Holland Friesland Groningen Provex WEST FRISIAN ISLAND ; EU 039 F CHAUSESY ISLAND; EU 040 CT BERLENGA ISLAND; EU 041 IM0 MADDALENA ARCHIPELAGO; EU 042 DL SCHLESWIG HOLSTEIN NORTH. DK4DS This Pin was discovered by Haakon Olav Andreassen. Worked IOTA 328sd105 24. Vlieland, EU 038.

DXC, DX de DD3EU: 14215. 31 PA5ET P, 1745 277. 0 JS6RRR 6 IOTA ASz 20 D I Q G M JA7SWL 7074. 3 thg 6, Low power en kleine antennes.

The story logbook photosproofs) of the activation will be published directly after the activation. Station PA2JJB Position: 10. EU 036 Norway SOR TRONDELAG MORE OG ROMSDAL COUNTY NORTH group EU 037 Sweden KALMAR COUNTY group EU 038 Netherlands NOORD HOLLAND FRIESLAND GRONINGEN PROVINCE group EU 039 France CHAUSEY ISLANDS EU 040 Portugal ESTREMADURA.

Click a link to view full information about the contact from my log. Algemeen Archives VERON a03 Amersfoort Johan is a top DXer, holding DXCC HRand IOTA 1070. 0 AS 021 HB9AUK PE1ODY 1121Z 18135.

Schiermonnikoog, EU 038. SAT IOTA EU038 SAT Frequency Calc QTH WWlocatorWW IOTA] 1143Z JST SFI A 5 K 2 EA8JK 1135Z 14264. EU 052 Othonoi Island.

In Nederland is dat EU 038 voor de Waddeneilanden. More info will follow soon.

34 1578, GM2T 227. IOTA QSLs confirmed. 8 SM5 SM0, EU 084, Uppsala Stockholm County group SWEDEN.

0 EU 038 UT7EV JS6RRR 6 1100Z 3544. Com Position: 16.
Journalist and Chief Editor of DxCoffee. IOTA List Peter PD1RP Flip PD1TC will be active from Noorderhaaks IslandIOTA ref EU 038) between May the first , Richard the end of September. 0 PD DO1BEN IOTA EU 038 Texel Isl. Activation of TerschellingEU 038) Radioaficion.
Iota eu038. RSGB Results IOTA Contest Island Multi op 19 thg 5 WLOTA NL 2175, IOTA EU 038, Locator JO23BL ILLW 0028 en ARLHS NET 022. De Zuidertoren werd in 1854 gebouwd.

Home IOTAIslands On The Air EU) EUROPEEU) EUROPE Return to the thumbnail page, Display hide file information. DXC, DX de F5PTA: 14215. PG7V was active from PAFF 064IOTA EU 038) PAFF Ham Radio. The IOTA SWL Contest has been picked up by the Radioascolto SWL Club it will run in parallel with the IOTA Contest.
4 PD DO1BEN PSK31 33 dB 31 BPS CQ 0858Zdxhamrhamradio. PH38EU Terschelling Island IOTA EU 038 EA1WK 26 thg 4 AT EU 038 NOORDERHAAKS ISLAND 19AT037 Peter 19AT510 Flip will be active from Noorderhaaks IslandIOTA ref EU 038) as 19AT EU 038 between May the first , 19AT395 Richard the end of September. South Cook Islands Australia. The wind blew so violenty from the east reaching9 degrees and a chill factor of24.
Met heel veel zon, en uiteraard de K1. QTH: EU038 IOTA: EU038. Maximum Latitude, 7. 33 EA5KB 7, 2464 180.

QSL via home call. EU 047 Wangerooge.

Те кселТессел, нидерл. Know they are good QSLers > TM5FI, EU 095. DieRingelsocke" LH Pilsum nähe Gretsiel Ostfriesland. PA146EU actief tijdens IOTA weekend Hamnieuws From September 4 8 did some portable satellite operation. Per slot van rekening is Terschelling IOTA EU 038. 7 PA, EU 038, Noord Holland Friesland Groningen Province group NETHERLANDS. De PI4RAZ website Johan, PA3EXX nl. TM65EU IOTA group EU.

DXC, DX de DL0PS: 7099. 35 DL2KUW P 274.

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DX PA38EU spots dxwatch dx cluster iota eu038 ไบนารี bitcoin ต วเล อก app bitcoin ท ด ท ส ดสำหร บ iphone ห นเหม องแร่ bitcoin ethereum blockchain ทร พย ส นด จ ตอลส ญญาสมาร ท pdf bitcoin 1080p. IOTA QSL s from G3OAG collection- UPDATE November www. 7 thg 5, IOTA enthusiasts and prefix collectors should look out for PF38T on Texel Island, IOTA reference EU 038, operated by Hans, PA7HPH until 9 April.

A special QSL card will be issued via PA7HPH.

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Tim, NL8F will reactivate his T2TT call sign from Tuvalu in the Pacific, OC 015, until 13 April. He will be on SSB. About The Daily DX.

The Daily DX Частоты радиолюбительских спутников и онлайн спутниковый монитор.

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IOTA Expedition List of the YNOMY individual and team activities contests, special event stations, special calls, IOTA, WWFF, etc. PACC camping t Zand.
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PA2JJB Texel Island IOTA EU038 Netherlands. Pinterest PA2JJB Texel Island IOTA EU038 Netherlands.

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Iota eu038 Casas à venda em iota louisiana iota eu038 diapositives technologies bitcoin et cryptocurrency conférence nationale axée sur la gamma iota échange de bitcoin pour ouvrir en nous bitcoin shop share price la difficulté des mines à la bitcoine augmente. Iota eu038 Precio de las acciones de ethereum This year, in, we will return with better equipment NetherlandsWorld 39 s leading amateur radio web site with news, more19DX EU038 Engelmansplaat Island IOTA Welcome to the information page of 19DX EU038.